LARRY EY85L.200155

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LARRY - Especially-developed for middle management, Larry is well-designed, business-oriented, and of high quality. Teamed with concise lines and thin desktop, and decorated with metal and wood veneer, this small-to-medium scale modern executive desk well conforms to the taste of young managers in business companies.

8mm ultra-thin desktop, the technique is of leading standard in the industry

The design of the contrast between thick and thin edges is innovative in design

The combination of diversified material, including widely-used grey leather, silver medal, and black and shiny aluminum alloy, shows its modernness and sense of business; Equipped with large storage space and powerful cable-routing function." need.

  • 1 Multi-functional socket, including 2 power(5 holes)
  • 1 Internet module(CAT.6)
  • 1 TEL module
  • 1 HDMI
  • 1 magnet-combined outlet module
  • Lesterfer side locks for drawers
  • Hettich hydraulic rail
  • FGV hydraulic buffer hinge

Dimensions (MM): L 2000 X W 1550 X H 750